Really Funny — A Nursing woman debating against non-nursed Man

GOD shes is typing
ok thanks
my uncle said to his wife… hey stop telling the kids to stop watching TV and sleep early…. look at Sita’s kids, they are all watching TV till 10pm they dont even read the books. but they end up being bullshit (i mean with awards)
then my mom said… im confident that my kids will have good grades and well be first honors at school end…
now.. way back when i was 9 years old, my papa and brod never taught me how to swim.. they said, just like the rest of the kids.. we are confident you will learn to swim once time comes
i was awarded manytimes in school and learned swimming by myself without the help of my mom and papa … they are both confident that i can do it.. BECAUSE im their son and that they were both intelligent and confident people when they were young
my mom was 41 years old when i was born, i remember all bonakids , so sure i was a bonakid lol
my mom was very confident that when i grow up, many girls when breast feed me, and she is right.. im breast feed since college until now that im 33 years old
— end of explaination — thanks God, that bitch is sleepy hehe i mean woman
she was not typing a thing .. i guess she is very tired typing LOL


My brother’s hemorrhoids problem

Thats right my brother have a hemorrhoids, he cant really have a toilet time without spraying some blood after he poop. He told me that it was already okay about 4 months ago, but now he is saying that its starting to swollen again, thats kinda painful for him and annoying.

I was checking on the net for some solution from medicine to what ever i can find, and i end up reading 6 self-help tips for hemorrhoid flare-ups, i think its a hardvard blogger


  • Step up the fiber
  • Lubricate the process
  • Don’t delay.
  • Try elevation.
  • Off-the-shelf remedies.
  • Sit in a sitz.

So i did try the Elevation part and find more about it here
How to Raise a Toilet Seat to a Comfortable Height for a Senior Citizen
This is a yahoo voice article…

so finally i end up looking for Toilet seat riser

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms for Standard Toilets
A tool that allows medically ill patients or a person with disability, is called the Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser and by using this tool, it will allow them to use the existing toilet seat and lid. This includes a riser that has molded arms. Also, this tool has a quality construction to provide durability and a contemporary look.

Then i was looking for something that you dont need to use toilet paper since the paper will rub his hemorrhoids, and i end up reading about bidets and washlets. but damn these things are expensive… $5,000 ? what the hell … look here …  this is a japanese toilet . its in .. i cant afford this .. but they are great really…

i told my brother to just have a good position when he is about to poop and dont delay, and maybe dont sing too much or eat hard meat …

Graduation Day finally the kids can have their vacation

Finally it’s the graduation day! My beautiful daughter is already excited and honestly I’m even more excited than her. I’m proud to my daughter that she graduated with honors and I also prepare for a dinner celebration. This is one of the memorable days in our life, to be with her and put a medal on it, Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine that scene. I know all mom’s out there has also the same feeling, what I experience right now. So, me and my loving husband prepared everything for her, from her dress and for her thanksgiving party. We love our daughter so much and we will give everything for her and anything to make her happy.

I like to make her a picture frame, they should have a pictorial like the girl below, i love the color and the quality of the picture


We just arrived at her school and I’m surprise ,oh my goodness! we are late already and all of her classmate are staring at us. But still I tell her not to worry since we did not want it to happen and she just nod and tell us okay. So, I put the medal on her and ask my husband to take us some photos together with her classmates. What a tedious day indeed, but still all of us are happy. We are excited right now to go home and celebrate the party.

I’m very happy right now, no more classes and no need to wake up early in the morning to prepare their breakfast. I’m thinking already if we will spend our summer vacation in our province and spend time with my kids. Like camping, fishing or even trekking, I’m imagining a lot of things right now and I’m excited, oh summer here we come!

Guys listen to this graduation day speech

Having fun time at the swimming pool

i love how the kids are singing here, wish we had the same thing going on today…

It’s summer time and our family is thinking to go swimming, as a mom I need to look for the best resort in town that has a beautiful pool. You know that’s the job of a mom. With the help of the powerful google “our so called hero”, I found a beautiful resort nearby, that is perfectly suited for my whole family and the price is very affordable. Isn’t it great? But also I need to consider the accommodation if there’s some hidden charges. So i called the resort and scheduled for a reservation.

When we arrived there, it welcomes us like a VIP, Oh my gosh! I felt amazingly happy. So we went to our room and I was shocked that with a very affordable rate, the room is very spacious and beautifully organized.

My kids are very excited to swim and they are happily running to go to the pool. Then when I saw them together with my husband enjoying the pool, I immediately change my outfit and dip into the pool, its like oh! la la, feels like heaven,  it has an  amazing view and with a beautifully constructed slides. So we enjoyed swimming until midnight, playing games and having fun.

During our dinner the resort provided us with a lot of foods and all of the dishes are absolutely delicious, its one of a kind dinner plus it has a fireworks presentation after dinner. What a memorable experience we had. After two days of enjoying the resort, all of us are happy and exhausted and guess what!, my kids keep boasting to their friends, all of our experiences at the resort. At least, we have a tremendous and one of a kind experience.



Transferring to a new house need new toilets

Me and my family transferred to a new house in Bronx, New York. Since this is our first time, I am very particular with the parts of the house, furniture, beds and bathrooms. My husband decided that we will just make it simple but has a modernized design. I have two kids and we will be providing them each of their room with a share bathroom.

My husband is the one in charge in organizing things for the house and my job is to maintain it perfectly clean especially the kitchen and the bathroom. My duties and responsibilities are very challenging, since I need to go to work and fetch my kids. Fortunately, our house is near in my company that I work with, it is very easy for me to do some errands and do some household chores at the same time.

Everyday I make it sure that before we left the house, everything is on it proper places like no more trash, uncleaned dishes and no more scatter around. Also, I always make sure that the bathroom is always clean, since I’m quite strict when it comes to cleanliness. I check especially the toilet, if it’s perfectly clean and no foul odors when you enter the bathroom. I always keep in mind that sometimes we cannot avoid unexpected visitors, so I make sure that the house is clean and neat.

I will get embarrassed as well if they found out that our bathroom toilet is dirty and the kitchen is a mess. So, I need to make sure that I choose the right toilet bowl, in order to avoid any clogging issues and provides comfort to our family and guests. In terms with our kitchen, I always make sure as well that the kitchen sink is clean and it doesn’t have any clogging problems, since I really love cooking a lot. I need to choose the right chemical products that can easily remove stains and tough dirt, so that I will not waste my time in scrubbing or brushing the toilet and the kitchen sink.

Also, I need to make sure that the chemical products that I will going to buy is affordable and will not harm our septic systems.In regards with our living room, I need to maintain as well by cleaning and removing any stains in the couch, also arranging the furniture properly. Maybe you will just tell me that I can’t do all this things everyday, well in fact if you know how to budget and maximize your time you can definitely do all the household chores everyday. Like for example, while cooking you can arrange all the furniture and clean your bathroom at the same time. Just make sure to choose the right chemical products that will help you do your job easily.

It’s not easy to move into a new house, because sometimes we still manage to bring our unnecessary stuffs from our old house like me haha. But still I managed it properly.

Anyway, so much for that. Hey guys, ever heard of your kids starting to talk about this x-men movie? Days of the future past, well, must be really silly, my kids just can’t get enough of this, they are like talking about it almost everyday, wow, that movie must be massive..I’m thinking of buying a home theatre haha might be cool, but i know kids love to go out, its not like they’re gonna sit with us…

Transferring to a new house is not easy, new neighborhood, new streets to remember gosh, not really a good thing for an old lady like me….wait i’m not yet that old FYI..ok i admit i’m gonna be hahaha. I just can’t wait to see the my new house… talk to some people around the area, getting familiar with some store.. you know like those days when you are newly wed .. okay i know you can’t remember too… do you?

Anyway folks thats all…. till next time…

Kind of weird using a black toilet paper

have you tried this? i mean how in the world i just found this black paper in our toilet, who bought this one, makes me think this is a prank or something but hey its real and its looks like someone wants to hide in their LOL …

i mean why black ? whats with it? we are all used to using white toilet paper or color like pink haha yes pink and other color but black? how is that possible to see the poop in there? yeahhh thats why i call it weird its black and i cant clearly see it

but im going to try this black paper if its somekind of good quality in it… must be cheap or expensive dont know but its sure a new experience for me…

have you ever wipe your butt with a black paper like this ?

Can girl stay inside the Toilet for hours ?

NO not really inside the toilet bowl, i mean sit in the toilet for hours inside the bathroom or comfort room for hours,, is that clear now?

Sometimes whn you fall in love, trust the man you love, things can be pretty much messy when the pain comes in… will i stay in the school comfort room for hours trying to do my make up but this time its different, cant get any further away, wanna fly away from here… just stay in the comfort room for ours and decided to sit in the toilet, crying, mesmerizing thinking of him.. poor me, pour me more wine please.. heyyy no wine yet.. but it really hurts he broke my hurt, he is inlove with somone else, well i cant blame the girl shes really pretty, well-known and have a great sense of humor…

how do i know? well shes in our classroom lately talking to him.. what the hell could have meet somewhere else … why here? well dont own the classroom anyway… but still hurts.. i have so many questions in my mind what just happened to me or what could have i done to prevent the break up… is this normal? i dont know.. its just plainly a nose dive didnot expect it coming…

well, this say the first cut is the deepest and yes, if only the toilet seat talks it would have scream at me… get your butt off meeeeeeeeeeeeeee… well sometimes i think i heard the toilet tank whispers something.. am i getting crazy? maybe, for good? not really… crap… craappppppppppppppp im sitting on top of crap … other people’s crap off course…

the toilet bowl seems neutral till 1 hour, its like okay girl bowl it over on me… the hell that means… wait im talking to myself… welll kinda weird to stay very long in the toilet, wish he was here with me but seems like the past is coming very fast for me and him….. time to get out…

if i make another word about toilet, well you flush me down? try it, youll see….