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Learn more about Talisay City Cebu Philippines

Talisay city is one f the six cities in Metropolitan Cebu. It is a second class city in Cebu province. This city in Metro Cebu has approximately 200,000 people in population. Talisay is known for its “inasal baby”, roasted pig in English, popularly known as Lechon in the whole Philippines.
Talisay got its name from the word “Magtalisay” which is a name of a tree that is abundant around the area.
Talisay was first found as a state in 1648 under the Augustinians. It was converted into a municipality in 1849 with Silve3rio Fernandez and the first governor and Pedro Labuca as the first captain. In 2000, Talisay was converted from municipality to a city.

Talisay city consists of 22 barangays as follows:

· Biasong
· Bulacao
· Candulawan
· Camp IV
· Cansojong
· Dumlog
· Jaclupan
· Lagtang
· Lawaan I
· Lawaan II
· Lawaan III
· Linao
· Maghaway
· Manipis
· Mohon
· Poblacion
· Pooc
· San Isidro
· San Roque
· Tabunok
· Tangke
· Tapul

Aside from the usual high way, Talisay city is connected to Cebu City through the South Road Properties that was opened on 2004. It was once popular for housing during the early 70’s and 80’s but due to heavy traffic it stopped. Through the South Road Properties project, the traffic greatly reduced and the inhabitants’ commuting problem was finally solved.

Most of Talisay city’s business transactions takes place in Tabunok, an area where several public markets, commercial and strip malls are located. Its biggest mall is Gaisano Grand Fiesta Mall – Tabunok, commonly known by locals as Gaisano Tabunok or G-tabs. Despite the existence of the mall, locals still depend on the public markets and sari sari stores for their needs. Talisay city is also the commercial area for municipalities at the south, receiving the name as the “south gateway” to Cebu City.

Like every place in the Philippines, even in the world for that matter, Talisay City has its fair share of heritage sights. It has the Sta. Teresa de Avila Parish Church, American Landing Monument, Pill Box, Heroes Monument, Talisay DepEd museum and Tres Aliños Monument.
Some great attractions in Talisay city are Aqua Cainta, Villa Teresita, Sealights, The Igutan Cave, Lagundi Reef, Talisay City Butterfly Park, Talisay Liberation Park, and Crocolandia. If you happen to get in Talisay, it wouldn’t hurt to check these attractions out.

Festivals include Talisay Charter Day – January 12, American Landing Anniversary – March 26 (re-enactment from the Armed Forces and veterans of the war are showcased in honor for the American and Filipino soldiers who fought for the province of Cebu), Founding Day – August 2nd week (self-explanatory, week-long cultural sports and other events happen on this festival), Fiesta sa Talisay and Halad kang Santa Teresa – October 15 (this is celebrated in honor of St. Sta Teresa de Avila), and Inasal Festival – October 15 as well (lechon inasal, the city’s famous specialty, is served in every resident’s dinner.

Talisay City is the south gateway and the commercial area for the municipalities of the south. It may be a second class city but it has a lot more to offer, especially in the housing and real estate sector.


First condo in Talisay City Cebu

Talisay City will be having its first condominium development that will be the top most selection for condominium consumers. Why top most selection? This is because it is an eco-conscious mixed residential project. It is a development that touches nature with gentle hands, takes care and maintains nature’s beauty and wealth. What is this project anyway? It is Amandari.

Amandari is a development developed by NEXUS. Offering mid-rise condominium that is anchored by a luxurious clubhouse, Amandari also offer many benefits as you explore and discover it after your purchase.

If you love nature and love to see all the greens around your home, Amandari is the right place for you.

Standing on a verdant property along the slopes of the mountains of Talisay City, Amandari is conveniently located near the urban. It offers you an elegant taste of both worlds — rural and urban. Another amazing offer the property will provide you is the expansive view of the mountains and sea which you would think only exists in the movies. Experience first hand the breath-taking views that are only a part of your money’s worth. Where else can you experience a lavish resort lifestyle at the heart of nature’s cradle

As Amandari’s value rises, its features elegance that will be worth your money. It has four features.

  • It is eco-friendly as it continues enhancing nature into development; thus, Eco-conscious.
  • Maximize the use of your exquisitely designed condominium unit with its utmost utility as you relax, savoring the most of your money; thus, Functional Elegance
  • Experiencing the best of both worlds as you savor the luxury of nature and the efficiency of the modern amenities. Both worlds are harmonized perfectly as Amandari sits at the heart of Nature’s Cradle.
  • Have a daily play and vacation lifestyle that is surrounded by work centers, education and entertainment; thus, Urban Oasis.

This is definitely perfect for avid health conscious and nature loving individuals.

Amandari offers facilities without disturbances as well as amenities that would feed your urge to live with nature and to keep an active and healthy lifestye. If you love to have fun and be active, Amandari has what you need. Enjoy the infinity swimming pool, the mini golf course, the zipline, the wall climbing wall, the walking/jogging trail and the paintball obstacle course. If you love to chill and relax, you can enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi, organic farming plots and picnic huts.

These facilities are for private use and only the residents of Amandari Talisay City Condominium are privileged to use them. You may invite your friends over and savor the use of the facilities and amenities.

This is a really good investment. f you plan on renting a condominium unit in Amandari, you won’t have to worry as the management will gladly settle everything, so that there will be no hassle on your part.

High security services will be provided for all residents in Amandari. In addition, you can enjoy and relax without any worries on your security and what not.

In Amandari, you’re not just putting your money on your condominium, you’re also buying a property that gives you your money’s worth.

Learn more about Talisay City Cebu Philippines