Earth and Natural Cycle and the human arrogance

if i were asked what can i say about our definition of industrialization, commercialization, career growth, success, and technology, my answer would be:

it is the wrong formula. all of those stated above is against the natural cycle of this planet. we always aim for growth and success in our careers of which those careers all aim for highest sales, most efficient means, most effective ways, and the like. with the technology in place, we aim to maximize the fewest raw materials to give us the highest number of output, and yet we continue to always reach that maximum number resulting to innovating another kind of technology that we will eventually outdo again. we forgot someone can’t keep up with this pace. simply put, mother nature can’t cope with our formula of success. time will come we will lose everything, a dead-end, doomsday, all because of our wrong formula.

Reply —-

Earth and its natural cycle is indirectly your main concern, the fact is, Earth will outlast us (humans), earth will live for another 4 billion years on its own (a living or a cold/hot stone on space). The natural cycle of Earth is triggered mostly by the inner activity mostly in the mantle (in which human are not able to reach yet nor manipulate).

The doomsday you are talking about is merely a concern on human specie. Remember that Earth was life-less from the start, bombarded with space-rocks that could have brought life (living organism) to its surface. Surface, that’s WHERE we are and that the same surface suffered a direct hit that ended the some life-forms including Dinosaurs. A few rest and that surface is still capable of supporting life. Of course we speak of humans, cause we are one, but LIFE and Earth’s Cycle is far from our control though humans are known for its arrogance and assumptions.

for confirmation – check The Chernobyl disaster, its a human story of success and and a sample of your dooms-day, you will realized it was on the Earth’s surface, humans (your main concern) were evacuated, yet wolves and trees are in bloom there, how much more Earths survival and its natural cycle…. so basically its not Earth and its natural cycle you are worried about…but the human survival.


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