Really Funny — A Nursing woman debating against non-nursed Man

GOD shes is typing
ok thanks
my uncle said to his wife… hey stop telling the kids to stop watching TV and sleep early…. look at Sita’s kids, they are all watching TV till 10pm they dont even read the books. but they end up being bullshit (i mean with awards)
then my mom said… im confident that my kids will have good grades and well be first honors at school end…
now.. way back when i was 9 years old, my papa and brod never taught me how to swim.. they said, just like the rest of the kids.. we are confident you will learn to swim once time comes
i was awarded manytimes in school and learned swimming by myself without the help of my mom and papa … they are both confident that i can do it.. BECAUSE im their son and that they were both intelligent and confident people when they were young
my mom was 41 years old when i was born, i remember all bonakids , so sure i was a bonakid lol
my mom was very confident that when i grow up, many girls when breast feed me, and she is right.. im breast feed since college until now that im 33 years old
— end of explaination — thanks God, that bitch is sleepy hehe i mean woman
she was not typing a thing .. i guess she is very tired typing LOL


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