My brother’s hemorrhoids problem

Thats right my brother have a hemorrhoids, he cant really have a toilet time without spraying some blood after he poop. He told me that it was already okay about 4 months ago, but now he is saying that its starting to swollen again, thats kinda painful for him and annoying.

I was checking on the net for some solution from medicine to what ever i can find, and i end up reading 6 self-help tips for hemorrhoid flare-ups, i think its a hardvard blogger


  • Step up the fiber
  • Lubricate the process
  • Don’t delay.
  • Try elevation.
  • Off-the-shelf remedies.
  • Sit in a sitz.

So i did try the Elevation part and find more about it here
How to Raise a Toilet Seat to a Comfortable Height for a Senior Citizen
This is a yahoo voice article…

so finally i end up looking for Toilet seat riser

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms for Standard Toilets
A tool that allows medically ill patients or a person with disability, is called the Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser and by using this tool, it will allow them to use the existing toilet seat and lid. This includes a riser that has molded arms. Also, this tool has a quality construction to provide durability and a contemporary look.

Then i was looking for something that you dont need to use toilet paper since the paper will rub his hemorrhoids, and i end up reading about bidets and washlets. but damn these things are expensive… $5,000 ? what the hell … look here …  this is a japanese toilet . its in .. i cant afford this .. but they are great really…

i told my brother to just have a good position when he is about to poop and dont delay, and maybe dont sing too much or eat hard meat …


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