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Ill be having my own website soon

I love wordpres and i plan to keep this page but i will also have my own blog with the url as my name so im really excited about it so look forward for it..



Benefits of Living in Cebu

Cebu’s development has been steadily continuing since the late 1990s and early 2000s, and has shown no sign of slowing down. From the industries found in Mandaue City and other neighboring cities in the North, progress has always been evident in the province. With the completion of the South Road Properties in the first half of the first decade of the New Millenium, Cebu’s growth has continued to soar.

The South Road Properties — or SRP as it is fondly called by the locals — is a hub of projects and developments that will provide quality housing and jobs for the province, as well as a source of revenues for the local government. It represents a good venue for foreign investment, as the SRP has been designated as a Special Economic Zone.

SM Seaside City Cebu
Expected to be opened to the public in 2015, the SM Seaside City is not your regular shopping mall. Touted by Han Sy, president of SM Prime Holdings, as a destination mall, SM Seaside City is a sprawling complex designed by none other than the same company that created the SM Mall of Asia in Manila. One of the complex’s attractions is a Viewing Tower that will let visitors take in the sights around SRP, including the picturesque waters surrounding the SRP.

Citta di Mare
The Citta di Mare is the home of the Amalfi Oasis, a real estate project co-developed by the government of Cebu with real estate conglomerate Filinvest Land Inc. It is a “resort town” complex of five-story buildings housing premium condominium units and resort-style facilities spanning 40 hectares. Aside from the Amalfi Oasis resort, the Citta di Mare complex also includes a waterfront property!

When it is completed, the Citta di Mare will join the Mactan Newtown One Manchester Place as a residential project found within a Special Economic Zone in Cebu.

UP Cebu
Keeping up with its goal of making the SRP a self-sustaining mini-city, the local government unit of Cebu City has donated five hectares to the University of the Philippines. In return, the university will establish facilities to provide evening classes for call center training. This is to prepare a pool of skilled individuals to staff the future BPO and outsourcing companies that will be taking a foothold in the Properties.

Bigfoot Entertainment Inc.
The Bigfoot complex in the SRP represents the very first international filming studio that can be found in the Philippines. The project has just finished the Phase 1 of its development. Future developments include a Hollywood-style destination, complete with spas, cafes, and restaurants as well as shopping boutiques! In other words, one can experience the spirit of Hollywood even if he or she is in Cebu once the project is finished!

Of course, the abovementioned places are only a few of the attractions that make investing in a property here in Cebu worth the while! If you are looking for a place to experience resort lifestyle for the rest of your life while still keeping close to what Cebu has to offer, an investment in the South Road Properties is definitely a good decision.

Really Funny — A Nursing woman debating against non-nursed Man

GOD shes is typing
ok thanks
my uncle said to his wife… hey stop telling the kids to stop watching TV and sleep early…. look at Sita’s kids, they are all watching TV till 10pm they dont even read the books. but they end up being bullshit (i mean with awards)
then my mom said… im confident that my kids will have good grades and well be first honors at school end…
now.. way back when i was 9 years old, my papa and brod never taught me how to swim.. they said, just like the rest of the kids.. we are confident you will learn to swim once time comes
i was awarded manytimes in school and learned swimming by myself without the help of my mom and papa … they are both confident that i can do it.. BECAUSE im their son and that they were both intelligent and confident people when they were young
my mom was 41 years old when i was born, i remember all bonakids , so sure i was a bonakid lol
my mom was very confident that when i grow up, many girls when breast feed me, and she is right.. im breast feed since college until now that im 33 years old
— end of explaination — thanks God, that bitch is sleepy hehe i mean woman
she was not typing a thing .. i guess she is very tired typing LOL

My brother’s hemorrhoids problem

Thats right my brother have a hemorrhoids, he cant really have a toilet time without spraying some blood after he poop. He told me that it was already okay about 4 months ago, but now he is saying that its starting to swollen again, thats kinda painful for him and annoying.

I was checking on the net for some solution from medicine to what ever i can find, and i end up reading 6 self-help tips for hemorrhoid flare-ups, i think its a hardvard blogger


  • Step up the fiber
  • Lubricate the process
  • Don’t delay.
  • Try elevation.
  • Off-the-shelf remedies.
  • Sit in a sitz.

So i did try the Elevation part and find more about it here
How to Raise a Toilet Seat to a Comfortable Height for a Senior Citizen
This is a yahoo voice article…

so finally i end up looking for Toilet seat riser

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms for Standard Toilets
A tool that allows medically ill patients or a person with disability, is called the Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser and by using this tool, it will allow them to use the existing toilet seat and lid. This includes a riser that has molded arms. Also, this tool has a quality construction to provide durability and a contemporary look.

Then i was looking for something that you dont need to use toilet paper since the paper will rub his hemorrhoids, and i end up reading about bidets and washlets. but damn these things are expensive… $5,000 ? what the hell … look here …  this is a japanese toilet . its in .. i cant afford this .. but they are great really…

i told my brother to just have a good position when he is about to poop and dont delay, and maybe dont sing too much or eat hard meat …