Graduation Day finally the kids can have their vacation

Finally it’s the graduation day! My beautiful daughter is already excited and honestly I’m even more excited than her. I’m proud to my daughter that she graduated with honors and I also prepare for a dinner celebration. This is one of the memorable days in our life, to be with her and put a medal on it, Oh my gosh! I can’t imagine that scene. I know all mom’s out there has also the same feeling, what I experience right now. So, me and my loving husband prepared everything for her, from her dress and for her thanksgiving party. We love our daughter so much and we will give everything for her and anything to make her happy.

I like to make her a picture frame, they should have a pictorial like the girl below, i love the color and the quality of the picture


We just arrived at her school and I’m surprise ,oh my goodness! we are late already and all of her classmate are staring at us. But still I tell her not to worry since we did not want it to happen and she just nod and tell us okay. So, I put the medal on her and ask my husband to take us some photos together with her classmates. What a tedious day indeed, but still all of us are happy. We are excited right now to go home and celebrate the party.

I’m very happy right now, no more classes and no need to wake up early in the morning to prepare their breakfast. I’m thinking already if we will spend our summer vacation in our province and spend time with my kids. Like camping, fishing or even trekking, I’m imagining a lot of things right now and I’m excited, oh summer here we come!

Guys listen to this graduation day speech


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