Having fun time at the swimming pool

i love how the kids are singing here, wish we had the same thing going on today…

It’s summer time and our family is thinking to go swimming, as a mom I need to look for the best resort in town that has a beautiful pool. You know that’s the job of a mom. With the help of the powerful google “our so called hero”, I found a beautiful resort nearby, that is perfectly suited for my whole family and the price is very affordable. Isn’t it great? But also I need to consider the accommodation if there’s some hidden charges. So i called the resort and scheduled for a reservation.

When we arrived there, it welcomes us like a VIP, Oh my gosh! I felt amazingly happy. So we went to our room and I was shocked that with a very affordable rate, the room is very spacious and beautifully organized.

My kids are very excited to swim and they are happily running to go to the pool. Then when I saw them together with my husband enjoying the pool, I immediately change my outfit and dip into the pool, its like oh! la la, feels like heaven,  it has an  amazing view and with a beautifully constructed slides. So we enjoyed swimming until midnight, playing games and having fun.

During our dinner the resort provided us with a lot of foods and all of the dishes are absolutely delicious, its one of a kind dinner plus it has a fireworks presentation after dinner. What a memorable experience we had. After two days of enjoying the resort, all of us are happy and exhausted and guess what!, my kids keep boasting to their friends, all of our experiences at the resort. At least, we have a tremendous and one of a kind experience.




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