Transferring to a new house need new toilets

Me and my family transferred to a new house in Bronx, New York. Since this is our first time, I am very particular with the parts of the house, furniture, beds and bathrooms. My husband decided that we will just make it simple but has a modernized design. I have two kids and we will be providing them each of their room with a share bathroom.

My husband is the one in charge in organizing things for the house and my job is to maintain it perfectly clean especially the kitchen and the bathroom. My duties and responsibilities are very challenging, since I need to go to work and fetch my kids. Fortunately, our house is near in my company that I work with, it is very easy for me to do some errands and do some household chores at the same time.

Everyday I make it sure that before we left the house, everything is on it proper places like no more trash, uncleaned dishes and no more scatter around. Also, I always make sure that the bathroom is always clean, since I’m quite strict when it comes to cleanliness. I check especially the toilet, if it’s perfectly clean and no foul odors when you enter the bathroom. I always keep in mind that sometimes we cannot avoid unexpected visitors, so I make sure that the house is clean and neat.

I will get embarrassed as well if they found out that our bathroom toilet is dirty and the kitchen is a mess. So, I need to make sure that I choose the right toilet bowl, in order to avoid any clogging issues and provides comfort to our family and guests. In terms with our kitchen, I always make sure as well that the kitchen sink is clean and it doesn’t have any clogging problems, since I really love cooking a lot. I need to choose the right chemical products that can easily remove stains and tough dirt, so that I will not waste my time in scrubbing or brushing the toilet and the kitchen sink.

Also, I need to make sure that the chemical products that I will going to buy is affordable and will not harm our septic systems.In regards with our living room, I need to maintain as well by cleaning and removing any stains in the couch, also arranging the furniture properly. Maybe you will just tell me that I can’t do all this things everyday, well in fact if you know how to budget and maximize your time you can definitely do all the household chores everyday. Like for example, while cooking you can arrange all the furniture and clean your bathroom at the same time. Just make sure to choose the right chemical products that will help you do your job easily.

It’s not easy to move into a new house, because sometimes we still manage to bring our unnecessary stuffs from our old house like me haha. But still I managed it properly.

Anyway, so much for that. Hey guys, ever heard of your kids starting to talk about this x-men movie? Days of the future past, well, must be really silly, my kids just can’t get enough of this, they are like talking about it almost everyday, wow, that movie must be massive..I’m thinking of buying a home theatre haha might be cool, but i know kids love to go out, its not like they’re gonna sit with us…

Transferring to a new house is not easy, new neighborhood, new streets to remember gosh, not really a good thing for an old lady like me….wait i’m not yet that old FYI..ok i admit i’m gonna be hahaha. I just can’t wait to see the my new house… talk to some people around the area, getting familiar with some store.. you know like those days when you are newly wed .. okay i know you can’t remember too… do you?

Anyway folks thats all…. till next time…


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