Can girl stay inside the Toilet for hours ?

NO not really inside the toilet bowl, i mean sit in the toilet for hours inside the bathroom or comfort room for hours,, is that clear now?

Sometimes whn you fall in love, trust the man you love, things can be pretty much messy when the pain comes in… will i stay in the school comfort room for hours trying to do my make up but this time its different, cant get any further away, wanna fly away from here… just stay in the comfort room for ours and decided to sit in the toilet, crying, mesmerizing thinking of him.. poor me, pour me more wine please.. heyyy no wine yet.. but it really hurts he broke my hurt, he is inlove with somone else, well i cant blame the girl shes really pretty, well-known and have a great sense of humor…

how do i know? well shes in our classroom lately talking to him.. what the hell could have meet somewhere else … why here? well dont own the classroom anyway… but still hurts.. i have so many questions in my mind what just happened to me or what could have i done to prevent the break up… is this normal? i dont know.. its just plainly a nose dive didnot expect it coming…

well, this say the first cut is the deepest and yes, if only the toilet seat talks it would have scream at me… get your butt off meeeeeeeeeeeeeee… well sometimes i think i heard the toilet tank whispers something.. am i getting crazy? maybe, for good? not really… crap… craappppppppppppppp im sitting on top of crap … other people’s crap off course…

the toilet bowl seems neutral till 1 hour, its like okay girl bowl it over on me… the hell that means… wait im talking to myself… welll kinda weird to stay very long in the toilet, wish he was here with me but seems like the past is coming very fast for me and him….. time to get out…

if i make another word about toilet, well you flush me down? try it, youll see….


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